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Oregon and craft beer are forever inseparable. Over the last decade in particular, the micro-brewing renaissance fever has spread throughout the state like wildfire, with over 180 breweries in operation focused on creating some very diverse & intriguing styles. Homebrewers have emerged from their garages and sheds like apocalyptic hop zombies ready to share with the people a new appreciation for superb ales and lagers. And we've got a hankering that you, as a cyclist, may have an interest in seeing what's up.


An insane number of surreal trails also grace the state, where one moment you're traversing atop a Cascadian volcanoes and the next you're slicing tacky ribbons of singletrack alongside the cleanest rivers and most pristine of lakes. Join Dirt Gypsy Adventures for an exclusive guided odyssey throughout Oregon - where we deliver an exclusive experience that caters to the real connoisseur of mountain biking and  craft brewing. From peak to peak and pint to pint. We're here to ensure you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Craft  Tours


Oregon Craft Beer & Mountain Biking
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