Mountains are awesome! They call to us here at Dirt Gypsy Adventures. Always have - always will. They calm us and challenge us with their natural beauty and fascinating contours - a looming invitation to explore the freshness and rawness they represent.


Bicycles occupy the rest of our attention span, with their inherent simplicity and unmatched capacity to provide transport across innumerable types of terrain. No day is better spent than swinging a leg over these powerful creations, propelling ourselves into the woods, and returning hours or days later with a '...thank you , Sir - may I have another...'  look in our eyes.

Mountains + Bikes + Exploration =  OUR PASSION

Dirt Gypsy Adventures was created in the small mountain town of Truckee, California - an epicenter of world class singletrack After spending over a decade in Tahoe perfecting the recipe of mountains + bikes + exploration, our company emerged as a way to connect active and adventurous travelers with some amazing experiences.


Our best days are spent deep in the woods under a canopy of sugar pines, forging a connection with nature and with folks that have come from points all across the globe looking to try our small-batch recipe. And if you've read this far, you're probably one of them. We're not the biggest tour operator in the business and we quite like that. Our commitment is to provide you an unrivaled tour experience, top-tier equipment and recreational shuttles all at a great value. Come see for yourself.

Lake Tahoe mountain bike tours

Travel far. travel often. and don't forget your bike shorts.

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