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It's time to put down the map and see more of what surrounds us. Be it a one-day outing, a week-long foray into the forest, or a custom-designed itinerary catered to your skills, your group & your dates - Dirt Gypsy is here to bring you along on an unforgettable experience.

one day mountain and road bike tours
Solo Gravel Rider.jpg

It all began back in 2015 with the sole focus of designing and offering guided tours in our mountain-rich playground. We've expanded our offerings since then, but our tours continue to be what we get the biggest joy out of sharing. With the addition of gravel tours in 2020, there's now some truly diverse and exciting experiences certain to cater to your adventurous spirit.


Gypsies inherently roam, explore, and make new connections and acquaintances along the way. Often with nature, periodically with people and ideally both. Bikes are beautiful tools that not only can free us from life's stresses, but also help unite elements of community and the environment.


Whether you desire riding stretches of endless singletrack or seek an all-road adventure with friends on paths less traveled, you can expect great guides, stunning routes, like-minded company, and overall a simply superb time.


High fives are optional. Happiness in mandatory.

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