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gypsy | cyclist | ADVENTURER | owner

Born and raised in Northern California, Dirt Gypsy Adventures' founder Ryan Fowler always knew that wheels were going to be in his life forever. Having been an aficionado of all things cyclical for the past 20+ years, Ryan has continued to nurture and share his passion with the world at large when it comes to the bicycle. Two plus decades of riding, competitive racing, working extensively within the travel and bike industries, and spending countless hours dreaming about embarking on his next big adventure have all forged the groundwork for Dirt Gypsy Adventures to be borne. It was only a matter of time until he settled in Truckee, California, where he's found a wealth of opportunity and fulfillment within the confines of this mountain lifestyle and tight-knit community.


'At Dirt Gypsy, we believe mountain biking is about the experiences you have on and off the bike, the camaraderie that develops over the long miles, the jokes that are shared, the memories made from friendly challenges amongst peers, waking up on that fourth day with sore legs yet wanting to get back out in the woods. The journey itself holds more than the destination does, so we're here to help you get out, be active, embrace the unexpected and question the unknown. Do something different.'

- Ryan Fowler

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