Intensity Index

You deserve to be on a tour that best suits your interests and riding ability - after all, vacations are meant to be enjoyed, not feared. And at the end of the day we strive to hand out cold beverages, not Band-Aids, before raising a toast to a great adventure that was potentially demanding of you, but never death-defying.


We've created an intensity index that takes into account both the physical and technical demands of the terrain we ride. Each tour has an aerobic rating, a technical rating, and an overall rating as a result. The ratings on a given tour are the average overall rating. Detailed trip itineraries are provided before a tour that have more details on each day's intensity index. To better understand what the ratings correlate to, refer to the below scale.


Mixed abilities are always a concern and the reality of a group tour is there's inevitably going to be a spectrum of talents. Dirt Gypsy Adventures is well versed in maximizing value and enjoyment with groups and riders of varying  abiliies. We can craft an intermediate tour to easily be conquered by a beginner and vice versa. Adding or removing distances, having bail out options, letting a little air out of that fast girl's tires (kidding!).......we've got our ways - you just have to join us to find out for yourself.


We're here to help so if there's any concerns about a trip you have in mind, please give us a call to go over the nitty-gritty of what to expect.


Intensity Index   |   Rating   |   Description


1 - 2   |   Beginner   |   Generally flat terrain with gentle climbs not lasting more than 10 minutes each

(Daily climbing around 1000' elevation gain)

2 - 3   |   Intermediate   |   Hilly terrain with periodic steep climbs not lasting more than 15 minutes each

(Daily climbing between approx 1500' - 3000' elevation gain)

3 - 4   |   Advanced   |   Challenging terrain with hard, long climbs between 30 minutes to 1 hour each

(Daily climbing between approx 3500' ~ 6000' elevation gain)

4 - 5   |   Epic   |   Exceptionally challenging terrain with frequent hard, long climbs of 30 minutes to 2 hours each  (Daily climbing between approx 6500' ~ 9,000')





Intensity Index   |   Rating   |   Description


1 - 2   |   Beginner   |   Generally smooth terrain on hard packed trails. Absent of or infrequent amount of obstacles, rock gardens, or features that can be easily avoided or ridden around. Little to no exposure on trail.

2 - 3   |   Intermediate   |   Varying smooth and rocky terrain with periodic rock features, obstacles, drop offs, berms, and jumps that can often be avoided or maneuvered around. Little to periodic exposire on trail that may contain a section or two with side exposure to river beds, river canyons, or valley floors below.

3 - 4   |   Advanced   |   A little bit of everything that will keep you on your toes including rock gardens, off camber sections, drop offs, and steep, loose climbs. Periodic to frequent exposure to segments of trail that hug natural rims or ledges that have consequences if you fall.

4 - 5   |   Epic   |   The full monty - ledges, drop offs, jumps, rock gardens, more rock gardens, steep descents and leg-cramping climbs. Frequent exposure to continuous segments of trail that hug natural rims and ledges & require precision when navigating rock gardens or raised features - these trails have severe consequences if you fall.




Intensity Index   |   Rating   |   Description


1 - 2   |   Beginner   |   An overall tour with easier trails for the weekend, every other weekend, or 'this is my first weekend' rider. A great introduction to trail riding that will improve your comfort on the bike and periodically offer the opportunity to challenge yourself if you desire. 

2 - 3   |   Intermediate   |  A progressive tour with trails for the weekend or seasoned rider, perhaps the road cyclist looking to get on the dirt, and general fit & athletic people looking for a challenge. These tours often feature beginner and advanced components that even out to an intermediate tour.loors below.

3 - 4   |   Advanced   |   Our advanced tours feature terrain and trails for the experienced cyclist. Consecutive hard days with tough climbs, technical descents, longer miles, and perhaps a bit of exposure to keep your adrenaline pumping. Not for the faint of heart, but nothing that the intermediate rider couldn't tackle with shorter options available on most days.

4 - 5   |   Epic   |   Mostly found in our custom and private offerings, our pro tours are for the most hardened of cyclists and athletes. We spare no expense when trying to find the most intense climbs and devilish descents around and create a tour that's designed to make you want to puke, scream, hoot, cry, and laugh. Our hardcore fans love these tours - punish yourself during the day and pamper yourself at night.