A  Gathering  of  Gypsies...

It's takes an awesome guide to make an awesome ride and we've got some real talented trail whisperers.  Our Dirt Gypsies come from a mix of eclectic backgrounds, all with the uncanny knack for riding, smiling, and entertaining you all day long. Their laundry lists of talents, both on and off the bike, will ensure you're well taken care of throughout your tour. Learn a little more about them below. 

Ryan Fowler

Nickname: JLynn

Hometown: Grays Chapel, NC

Years riding: 7

Favorite ride: Yikes, that's tough! Monarch Crest, CO;  Whole Enchilada, UT; McKenzie River, OR; Downieville DH, CA; Tahoe Rim, CA/NV....to name just a few.

If you were a bike part, what would you be and why: The educator in me says handlebars because I'm always trying to "steer" people in the right direction! 

What preoccupies you off the bike: 

All things outdoors. Climbing, snowboarding, splitboarding and just good old general adventuring. Also, MUSIC! 

Nickname: Ryno, Fowldog

Hometown: Truckee, CA via Vacaville, California

Years riding: 23

Favorite ride: Whole Enchilada or any section of the Tahoe Rim Trail. Oh wait, there's also some gems in Santa Cruz...and Oakridge...and what about....

If you were a bike part, what would you be and why: A spare tube. Always there for you, just waiting for the inevitable to occur, primed to save your ride and get you home before dark.

What preoccupies you off the bike: Running a business focused on getting others on the bike, snowboarding, traveling to new destinations, rubbing my dog's belly, live music, and cooking incredible meals.

Name: Kris Thomas

Nickname: KT

Hometown: Truckee, CA via Littleton, CO

Years riding: I have been riding my bike almost daily since I was four, and I'm 37 so that's a long ass time!

Favorite ride: Too tough to say!

If you were a bike part, what would you be and why: I would be a tire - I like to keep myself grounded, but go really fast!

What preoccupies you off the bike: Skiing, good food, good friends, and adventure



Name: Kira Deschaux

Nickname: Kizzy

Hometown: Reno, NV via Santa Cruz, CA

Years riding: I've been riding bikes since I was 4, and started mountain biking 9 years ago

Favorite ride: I have so many, but my favorite epic is Blackcomb--Microclimate--Yummy Numby--Comfortably Numb

If you were a bike part, what would you be and why:

Rear derailleur, I'm always on the move, adapting to the current situation whether it's a long slow uphill or a fast steep descent, I got your back!

What preoccupies you off the bike: Always planning the next adventure in the outdoors, but generally when I'm not biking I'm eating, sleeping, or driving to trails.

Name: Jennifer Slowey

Nickname: Slowdognoodle, J.Slo

Hometown: Truckee, CA via Virgil, New York

Years riding: 8

Favorite ride: Gooseberry Mesa in Utah

If you were a bike part, what would you be and why: A bell. So I can signal to others when to get the hell out of my way! Just kidding - I just think that they put a smile on people's face and each has a unique sound.

What preoccupies you off the bike: Playing in the snow - skiing is my lifeblood! Other than that, I try to maintain my sanity by being outdoors - trail running, traveling, exploring new wine, listening to live music, baking sweets, hey one more glass of wine, and dancing to bagpipes and/or bluegrass.

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