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A Northern California high sierra multi-day mountain bike tour like no other. This five day ride vacation provides plenty of big mountain terrain and rides to keep you entertained, swimming holes and breweries to explore, and small communities to connect with along the way. We'll do our best to show you as much High Sierra singletrack as we can here in our home state.


North Tahoe and the Lost Sierra are where we’ve planted and grown our roots for and where we continue to share the magic with those searching for high quality trail riding. Join us as we ride, roam and repeat in our very own backyard.



Come discover why gravel cycling is the talk of town. We've designed a knobby-tired, curly bar itinerary that mixes the best personality traits from mountain and road biking disciplines in one, mean mixed terrain tour. We'll ride far and wide, taking in the splendor that the high sierra backroads hold on display during this five day camp.
There will be pavement, fireroads, sections of gravel and even stretches of singletrack to entertain you by day while great food, cold drinks and unique lodging provide comfort by night. What are you waiting for? Let's gravel.

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3 day

Joining our 5-day High Sierra mountain bike tour isn't feasible or desirable for everyone, so we've gone ahead and shortened the trip to three days. Sometimes less is more, they say.


You'll conquer the same great rides across Truckee and North Lake Tahoe and even get to wander into the Lost Sierra at trip's end. Don't worry, you'll still utilize our awesome lodging and dine out in style. Get ready to pack in lots of trail and explore in style with the crew on this mini-odyssey.

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We've curated another mini-epic that encompasses the middle and end of our extended play 5-day High Sierra tour. Three days is all it takes to fall in love with these mountains and we invite you to do so.


You'll start your tour on the outskirts of Tahoe with a guide-favorite ride before embracing the raw beauty and magnetism of the Lost Sierra further North. Lots of vert, a mix of technical and smooth trail, and some great off-bike indulgences from the region's breweries, hotels and restaurants. Let's get this party started...

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Who? What? When? Where? No need to state the why. If you have a group and want Dirt Gypsy to put together a multi-day tour in some spectacular zones, just drop us a line. We've got extensive experience running tours across the US and have partners situated domestically and internationally.


Our diverse pool of resources, regional knowledge and penchant for epic outcomes allows us to design and bring the trip of a lifetime to you and your crew. 

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