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Truckee and Tahoe Trail Conditions - Updated 08/22/2023:


Hurricane Hilary was the blessing the Sierra needed to ensure our trails and forests got some much needed oisture to keep it safe and enjoyable for weeks (& hopefully months) to come. We will be pausing our updates as everything is free of snow and riding incredibly well these days. Be sure to check out some of those elusive trails and tick off a few of those bigger 'out there' rides the next few months. Before you know it winter will be back and the return of snow will be the nemesis we're dealing with once again. Enjoy these dog days of summer, the dampness that has returned to our soil, and happy trails to you and yours!


July 13, 2023 updates:

- Upper Big Chief has been logged and cleared out and is riding really well!

- Downieville trails from Packer Saddle are now a go! The Classic race weekend is here (July 14-16) so be aware that you'll have hordes of people to deal with over the next few days.

- Tyrolean Downhill is good to go from the lower cut-in!

- Mills Peak is also ready to rip and we're taking shuttle requests for private groups!

- Looking for an off the beaten path adventure? Put your sights on the Blue Lake and Spaulding Lake trails in the Grouse Ridge zone. Go early in the morning, it gets warm down there!


June 28, 2023 updates:

- The Donner Lake Rim Trail and Johnson Canyon loop is a fantastic route right now. Ridden in either direction it’s got some gorgeous stretches of singletrack and fantastic views of the Sierra Crest. A little snow to push through near the Drifter Hut, but that's all part of the adventure, right?

- Lower Big Chief – Woodspltter - Happy Face is another loop worth ticking off. And Upper Big Chief is ridable as well, just a few small snow patches to navigate!

- Check out some Alder Creek awesomeness  as it's one of our current faves. Climb up from Donner Camp Picnic Area to Carpenter Valley before crossing Alder Creek Rd. Keep ascending into Tahoe Donner, either to the top of Mustang Sally (two trees down as of 6/20) or up to Sundance Hut. Rip back down using True Grit, Sweetness, and a medley of other trails back to where you began.

- The Marlette and Incline Flume Trails are free of snow! Getting there is the hard part, but Tunnel Creek is good to go so get over to this east shore gem before the crowds catch on.

- Western States to Painted Rock is also on offer for those wanting a challenging climb with some rewarding views up top. Tough climbs make for exciting descents, so keep your eyes up and watch out for traffic as you blaze back down to the Truckee River.

- Tahoe XC trails are fairly free of snow as well. We just made the trip up to Watson Lake utilizing Angry Bear, Ocelet, Antone Meadows, Lakeview Connector and the TRT. Once you dip around the base of Watson Peak trail and traverse the north facing stretch of dirt to Watson Lake, you'll encounter a little bit of snow. But if you want a quiet high alpine lake setting for your snack break before heading back down to Tahoe, you won't want to miss this one.

- Martis Peak to Kings Beach is a lovely point to point (shuttle) or makes for a challenging training ride if you start from Tahoe and ascend to over 8,000' elevation! We will start running these shuttles on July 1st.


Conditions could not be better! Heading north towards the Sierra Valley currently has some insanely beautiful colors and scenery. And the wildflowers!! Pop one of these routes into your sights and get pushin’ on those pedals!

July 13, 2023 updates:

- Frog Lake access is melted out and one of our favorite destinations on the knobby tired curly-barred bikes. Take a dip in the cool (ok, cold) waters once you get there and enjoy a nice little picnic. It's a lovely ride back to Truckee and the flowers are going off right now. Watch out for the puddles! Some are a bit deep.

- Carpenter Valley is also an excellent bet these days. We like to ride it from the Alder Creek trailhead and climb the singletrack up and cruise the pavement back down to the car. Talk about greenery! And also talk about a few puddles. All good fun, though.

June 28, 2023 updates:

- Truckee River - Dog Valley epic: Ride the Tahoe Pyramid Trail out to Verdi and refuel before you ascend towards Verdi Peak. Carry on down to Stampede Reservoir and choose from a few distance options for the return back home.

- Sardine Peak - Lemon Valley loop: One of our faves that doesn't get much better in terms of a mix of tough climbs, fast flats, and arm tingling descents. We'll leave it up to you to look at the maps and piece together this beauty of a loop. 

- Lakes and Lupine (Independence & Webber): While you're out exploring backcountry fireroads north of Truckee, point your front wheel towards Independence and Webber Lakes. A bit more adventurous of a ride if starting from Truckee, but there's always a paved bail-out option to take the road back if you bonk on this beast of a beauty.

- Flume Flume: What's somewhat tame for flat-bar bikes is a spicy option for its curly barred brethren. An out and back on the Incline and Marlette Flumes from Mt Rose Highway is a most magical way to catch the sunset. We suggest at least 40c tires and a few layers for dawn and dusk escapades!

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