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May 05,  2020: The weather has made a turn for the better and it's been getting nice and warm here in North Tahoe & Truckee. We've spent the last few weeks riding from our headquarters to monitor what zones are coming online. Let's hope it continues to stay warm so we can get on with riding season just as these travel restrictions lift. Read below for a few suggestions and in the mean time, stay healthy and safe!


  • Lloyd's is up and running and 100%+ snow free. It's a short 3 mile loop but a decent option close to town and a great way to get the legs and lungs back in shape. Two laps and then a beer by the water's edge at Prosser? Yes, that'll do for now until more becomes ridable.

  • Emigrant Trail is also free of snow and offers up another alternative with more mileage and mellow terrain for beginner and intermediate riders. Please be advised that parking can be limited at the Donner Camp Picnic Area and at Hobart Mils trailheads. Use discretion and do your best to socially distance yourself while riding this popular trail.

  • A1 / Jackass Ridge are probably getting the most traffic in the area, meaning that the dirt is already getting loose and dry. Go early or late to avoid the crowds and enjoy Truckee's worst kept secret. Again, try parking in town and ride to the trailhead to avoid having access closed by public health officials (which is the current rumor n the street).

  • Sawtooth Trail network is good to go. Some north facing aspects of Happy Face have some patches of snow.

  • Johnson Canyon has a tad bit of manageable snow and one significant tree down. This still needs to be ridden from the I-80 interchange (not from high up in Tahoe Donner @ Glacier Way)

  • Donner Lake Rim Trail (as accessed from Northwoods Blvd and Coyote Moon Golf Course) is free of snow all the way up to the picnic table / chill spot.


  • Early season is the perfect time to grab a gravel bike and set out to watch springtime come to life. From downtown Truckee there's a few worthy options that'll keep you entertained and the heart rate up. We suggest heading out Prosser Dam Road and up Dog Valley to Stampede Reservoir. From here a paved return to Boca Reservoir is fairly easy on the legs before reconnecting with dirt back to Prosser. For the more adventurous, definitely check out the Tahoe Pyramid Trail as an out and back to Farad or Verdi. And if you're feeing great once you reach Verdi, continue up Dog Valley Rd (exclude the spur to Verdi Peak) and link into Stampede Reservoir.

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